2019 SDNA Awards

Posted about 1 year ago

The South Dakota Nurses Association sponsors these annual awards for nurses, given during the SDNA Annual Convention in Aberdeen on October 6-7, 2019. Nominations for the following awards will be taken until August 1, 2019.

DISTRICT NURSE OF THE YEAR AWARD was developed to recognize a nurse in each SDNA district who has contributed to the district and profession in a significant way. This award criteria and award winner is determined by each individual district.

ROOKIE OF THE YEAR AWARD is for the new SDNA member who has contributed energy and commitment to SDNA.

Rookie of the Year Award Criterion:

  • The nominee must have been an SDNA member for at least one year, but not longer than three years.

DISTINGUISHED SERVICE AWARD acknowledges specific contributions and achievements of an individual or group and provides formal recognition of SDNA member(s) singled out by colleagues for accomplishments in a given field of endeavor. The Award may be awarded for professional achievement in nursing, outstanding contributions in the community, for dedicated service to the association, to name a few possible categories.

Distinguished Service Award Criteria (must meet all criteria):

  • The nominee must be an SDNA member.
  • The Distinguished Service Awards represents a more highly specialized type of award than the broad special interest categories reflected in other SDNA Awards.
  • Distinguished Service Awards must be in keeping with goals and purposes of SDNA.
  • A Distinguished Service Award must not be exploited for commercial purposes.

Examples of Possible Distinguished Service Award Categories:

  • Human Rights
  • Membership Activities
  • Specialty Work
  • History
  • Ethics

NURSING PRACTICE AWARD acknowledges a Registered Nurse involved in direct patient care. The recipient, through strength of character, commitment, and competence, receives peer recognition as one who contributes to advancement of nursing practice.

Nursing Practice Award Criteria (must meet all criteria):

  • The nominee must be an SDNA member.
  • The nominee, through application of nursing knowledge, must assist patients to function at and maintain optimum levels of health and activities, as persons, as family members, and as members of their community.
  • The nominee, through direct nursing practice, must provide innovations to help and encourage peers in nursing and is a role model, inspiring peers to improve quality of practice, and has contributed to improvement of quality of direct patient care.

Other considerations include:

  • Participation in community affairs
  • Recognition by peers
  • Participation in organizational affairs
  • Ability to work with others
  • An innovative outlook

JOY OF NURSING AWARD recognizes the Registered Nurse who, through the years of practice, continues to truly love all aspects of nursing.

Joy of Nursing Award Criteria (must meet all criteria):

  • Nominee must be an SDNA member.
  • Nominee has practiced nursing for at least 5 years.
  • Nominee has been a formal or informal mentor to students or new graduate nurses.
  • Nominee has collaborated with and is respected by nursing colleagues and other health professionals.
  • Nominee exemplifies the “Joy of Nursing” in care and relationships.

PIONEER IN NURSING AWARD was developed to recognize the nurse who has contributed to the profession or to history by being the first so that others may follow. This award recognizes a nurse who exemplifies the spirit that motivates other nurses to follow on a path less traveled.

Pioneer in Nursing Award Criteria (must meet all criteria):

  • The nominee must be an SDNA member.
  • The nominee must have helped guide the course of nursing in South Dakota.
  • The nominee must have contributed talents to the profession by being the “first,” whether that is within practice, education, program development, administration, government, community activities, or any other first.

SDNA HALL OF FAME AWARD recognizes an individual’s lifelong commitment to nursing and that commitment’s impact on the health and/or social history of South Dakota. Up to five nurses may be inducted each biennial year into the SDNA Hall of Fame.

 Hall of Fame Award Criteria (must meet all criteria):

  • The nominee(s) must have demonstrated leadership that affected the health and/or social history of South Dakota through sustained, lifelong contributions in or to nursing practice, education, administration, research, economics, or literature. 
  • The nominee(s) must have worked in or represented South Dakota.
  • Achievements of the nominee(s) have enduring value to nursing beyond the nominee’s lifetime. 

                (Note:  Nominees for the Hall of Fame Award may be living or deceased.)

THE NURSE EDUCATOR AWARD acknowledges a Registered Nurse who serves as a faculty member at one of the South Dakota nursing programs. The recipient is recognized by peers to be exemplary in the areas of teaching effectiveness and facilitating learning for students in nursing. This nurse also participates actively in professional nursing activities as well as, the community in which he or she lives, demonstrates leadership skills, has a strong ability to work with others, and is seen as a mentor for future nurse educators. A letter of support by the dean/chair of the nominee's school is recommended.

Nurse Educator Award Criteria (must criteria as noted below):

  • The nominee must be an SDNA member
  • The nominee must demonstrates teaching effectiveness through one or more of these criteria:
    • application of nursing knowledge that facilitates students’ learning to the highest level
    • use of creative teaching strategies in class room presentations
    • mentorship of new nursing faculty to the role of teaching
  • If the nominee has a regular clinical supervision assignment, the nominee must demonstrate effective supervision strategies in the clinical setting to facilitate students’ application of theoretical knowledge to patient care
  • The nominee must participate in service activities through one or more of these criteria:
    • assumption of a leadership role in the nursing program
    • participation in committee work at the university or college level
    • service as a student organization advisor such as the South Dakota Student Nurses Association
    • initiation of efforts that enhance the success of nursing graduates
    • service in a leadership position in SDNA
  • The nominee must have a sustained record of scholarship in the art of teaching, research, or contribution to improved health in the community through one or more of these criteria:
    • recognition by peers for their scholarship of teaching
    • dissemination of scholarship through presentations, publications, or as a consultant
    • initiation of a unique project that enhanced the health of the community